The dedication of the students, staff, and parents working together makes the Yough Intermediate Middle School drama program a special place to be-a place where all students are welcome and encouraged to explore and create through the performing arts.


Lead with Love

At the end of each rehearsal, the students repeat the following affirmations 

I Am Loved • I Am Intelligent • I Am Brave • I Am Kind • I Trust In My Abilities •  I Am Unique • I Reach For The Stars • Whatever I Do, I Give My Best

Who We Are

The Yough Intermediate Middle School Drama Department represents acceptance, creativity, friendship, and teamwork. The director’s goal is to foster an educational, collaborative, open, and supportive environment where it’s safe for every student to reach for their dreams. At auditions, students receive a handbook that they are to read with their parents. This handbook clearly states expectations that we have for the students and it also outlines the entire musical season for both the students and the parents. The students and parents must sign a contract before rehearsals begin that hold them to their commitments to be kind, supportive, and responsible. 

The production staff challenges the students every day so that they can reach their full potential. YIMS Drama gives voice to students, empowering them to find their place in the world. We let them know it’s okay to be 100% yourself. The YIMS Drama Department encourages parents and guardians to volunteer and be involved in the process. Rehearsals are closed to parent spectators, but we firmly believe that members of the YIMS Drama Department are a family, and we want you to join us! 

View the Guardian/Student Handbook

Accomodation Policy

Yough Intermediate Middle School Musical is committed to providing an environment that is inclusive and free of barriers based on age, race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, family status and disability. 

Accommodation will be provided in accordance with the principles of dignity, individualization and inclusion. Yough Intermediate Middle School Musical will work cooperatively, and in a spirit of respect, with all partners in the accommodation process.


We believe in celebrating accomplishments, no matter how small. Each performance, we publish a playbill highlighting our sponsors in addition to well-wishes to the cast and crew from family members. Each student gets their own biography. A platinum star award is given to one student per year who represents kindness, leadership, empathy, and teamwork.

2023  Playbill


YIMS Drama Department believes in creating excitement among both students and parents. We encourage students to not take themselves too seriously and that it is okay to make mistakes, as long as you try your best and come as you are. 

Pre-Show Pump Up


The YIMS Drama staff and volunteers consist of trained singers, dancers, stage managers, and performers. The director brings in guest teachers so the students can get the best training possible. The department posts promotional videos frequently to display the hard work and professional product the students and staff create! 

Rehearsal Process 2020

Why Join YIMS Musical? 


“Kids deserve an excited adult. They deserve to know that there will always be someone in their corner cheering them on. Art is important and can change lives. It’s our responsibility to let kids know they matter and to do all we can to foster their creativity and character.”

Kyli Stoner, Director