Become a Cast Member

Are you a seasoned musical veteran? Have you never been on stage, but are interested in performing? Become a cast member! YIMS Drama encourages everyone in grades five through eight enrolled at Yough Intermediate Middle School to audition! You must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to become a member of the cast. 

Auditions are held every winter and rehearsals run from January through the first week of April. YIMS Drama Department rehearses up to three days a week from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Annual audition workshops are held to allow the student to become familiar with the audition process! Be sure to like our Facebook Page, YIMS Musical, to keep updated on announcements! 

A positive rehearsal culture is important to YIMS Drama. The production staff’s goal, of course, is to teach the students to produce an an excellent musical, but most importantly, it’s to create a rehearsal culture where all students feel confident, safe, and valued. The production staff is thrilled to be a part of the young performers’ theatre journeys and hopes they continue to perform for years to come.  


Make The Magic Happen! 

Join the Stage Crew

Do you have an interest in theatre but don’t love the idea of performing onstage? Join the stage crew! By becoming a member of the stage crew, you get to paint set pieces, assist with costuming, and assist the production staff backstage during the actual show! 

The director has years of experience stage managing at multiple levels, and knows how to make stage crew fun! This is a great opportunity to learn a lot while being a vital part of the YIMS Drama community. 


Welcoming. Collaborative.

The production staff makes it a priority to create long-lasting memories for students. The students gain skills that translate well to their academics, other extra-curricular activities, and make them competitive when auditioning for other productions. Take the time to see what YIMS Drama Department means to former and current students. 

Miss Kyli and Miss Jordan make us feel welcome and accepted. They are great teachers, too!

It’s a place where everyone is accepted. You can be whoever you want and no one passes judgement. 

It’s a good introduction to musicals for those who haven’t put themselves on a stage before.

It’s a great way to make friends and learn to dedicate yourself and get rid of stage fright.